Playoff Watch List

22 Oct 2017 7:09pm (US Mountain)

RankTeamWLConfBLIT4votesNext game
1Alabama80SEC504 Nov LSU
2Penn State70B105128 Oct at Ohio State
4Georgia70SEC3728 Oct vs Florida
5Notre Dame61ND2128 Oct North Carolina State
6Clemson61ACC271328 Oct Georgia Tech
7Ohio State61B10111828 Oct Penn State
8TCU70B12628 Oct at Iowa State
9Wisconsin70B10328 Oct at Illinois
9Miami-Florida60ACC628 Oct at North Carolina
9UCF60AAC144 Nov at SMU
12Oklahoma State61B12028 Oct at West Virginia
13Washington61P1225028 Oct UCLA
14Virginia Tech61ACC31028 Oct Duke
15Oklahoma61B1216128 Oct Texas Tech
16North Carolina State61ACC20028 Oct at Notre Dame
16Michigan State61B10028 Oct at Northwestern
20Michigan52B10028 Oct Rutgers
20Washington State71P1216028 Oct at Arizona
25South Florida70AAC028 Oct Cincinnati
28Memphis61AAC027 Oct Tulane
31Toledo61MAC026 Oct at Ball State
39Navy52AAC02 Nov at Temple
42Marshall61CUSA18028 Oct Florida Intl
(Data for all teams.)


The "majority consensus" (Bucklin) rank assigned by the computers listed in Dr. Massey's comparison page. This is the best rank for which more than half of the computers rank the team at least this highly. With 112 computer rankings, this corresponds to the 57th-best rank. When there are an odd number of rankings, this is just the median rank.
Team name. This links to the page that shows all of the A→B→... chains that begin with the team.
Number of division one wins.
Number of division one losses.
Team's conference affiliation.
This is a "bad loss index." "∗" indicates that the team is in the Pseudo Smith Set. Otherwise this is the number of teams outside of the Pseudo Smith Set that have a stronger A→B→... chain to the team than the team has to them.
The number of computer rankings that have Team ranked 4th or better.
Next game
The date and location information for the team's next game. If the opponent is not in the watchlist the name links to the opponent's resume.

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