Playoff Watch List

11 Dec 2017 4:46pm (US Mountain)

RankTeamWLConfBLIT4votesNext game
2Clemson121ACC131011 Jan vs Alabama
2Georgia121SEC4921 Jan vs Oklahoma
4Oklahoma121B1215561 Jan vs Georgia
5Ohio State112B1024481 Jan vs Southern California
5Wisconsin121B1093630 Dec vs Miami-Florida
5Alabama111SEC6421 Jan vs Clemson
7Penn State102B10161930 Dec vs Washington
8UCF120AAC311 Jan vs Auburn
9Auburn103SEC1851 Jan vs UCF
10Notre Dame93ND1711 Jan vs LSU
11Washington102P1220330 Dec vs Penn State
12Miami-Florida102ACC21130 Dec vs Wisconsin
12Southern California112P121621 Jan vs Ohio State
20Memphis102AAC130 Dec vs Iowa State
(Data for all teams.)


The "majority consensus" (Bucklin) rank assigned by the computers listed in Dr. Massey's comparison page. This is the best rank for which more than half of the computers rank the team at least this highly. With 112 computer rankings, this corresponds to the 57th-best rank. When there are an odd number of rankings, this is just the median rank.
Team name. This links to the page that shows all of the A→B→... chains that begin with the team.
Number of division one wins.
Number of division one losses.
Team's conference affiliation.
This is a "bad loss index." "∗" indicates that the team is in the Pseudo Smith Set. Otherwise this is the number of teams outside of the Pseudo Smith Set that have a stronger A→B→... chain to the team than the team has to them.
The number of computer rankings that have Team ranked 4th or better.
Next game
The date and location information for the team's next game. If the opponent is not in the watchlist the name links to the opponent's resume.

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