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19 Jan 2018 3:35pm (US Mountain)


This is just the ordinal rank that results from the sort sequence
The number of computer rankings that have Team ranked 4th or better.
This is a "bad loss index." "∗" indicates that the team is in the Pseudo Smith Set. Otherwise this is the number of teams outside of the Pseudo Smith Set that have a stronger A→B→... chain to the team than the team has to them.
The "majority consensus" (Bucklin) rank assigned by the computers listed in Dr. Massey's comparison page. This is the best rank for which more than half of the computers rank the team at least this highly. With 112 computer rankings, this corresponds to the 57th-best rank. When there are an odd number of rankings, this is just the median rank.
Links to the resume form of the team's schedule and results. The pages show the results and opponents' ranks.
Team's conference affiliation.
Measures of the team's relative position in the directed games graph. For all other teams B, WW is the number of teams B for which teamB paths are stronger than Bteam; LL is the number of teams B for which Bteam paths are stronger. TT is the number of teams B which have the same strength Bteam as teamB. Unk is the number of teams B for which there is no team→...→B or B→...→team path.
Analogous to "winning percentage", this is
( WW + ½TT + ⅔Unk ) ÷ ( WW + LL + TT + Unk )
The value in this column links to the team's "winpaths" page which explicitly shows the shortest win-paths from the team to every other team for which there is at least one such.
The teable is ordered by increasing BLI, with decreasing WWpct, decreasing number of T4votes and increasing Rank as tiebreakers, in that order.

13307UCF 13-0AAC1290001.0000
29111Alabama 13-1SEC1272000.9845
37743Georgia 13-2SEC1244100.9651
45354Wisconsin 13-1B101235100.9574
51997Penn State 11-2B101199100.9264
665104Ohio State 12-2B1011810100.9186
726115Clemson 12-2ACC11710200.9147
813137Oklahoma 12-2B121158600.9147
901410Auburn 10-4SEC1148700.9109
100169Notre Dame 10-3ND11214300.8798
1101612TCU 11-3B1211215200.8760
1201814Miami-Florida 10-3ACC11012700.8798
1302113Michigan State 10-3B1010715700.8566
1402218Iowa 8-5B1010617600.8450
1502216Oklahoma State 10-3B1210619400.8372
1602415Southern California 11-3P1210420500.8256
1702822Mississippi State 9-4SEC10022700.8023
1802920North Carolina State 9-4ACC9924600.7907
1902917Northwestern 10-3B109927300.7791
2003023Stanford 9-5P1298201100.8023
2103024Virginia Tech 9-4ACC9826500.7791
2203133Louisville 8-5ACC9724800.7829
2303126Michigan 8-5B109725700.7791
2403138Army 10-3Ind9725700.7791
2503237Florida State 7-6ACC9626700.7713
2603330South Carolina 9-4SEC9525900.7713
2703326Memphis 10-3AAC9528600.7597
2803422LSU 9-4SEC9427800.7597
2903415Washington 10-3P129429600.7519
3003732Washington State 9-4P129129900.7403
3103835Boston College 7-6ACC9034500.7171
3204029Wake Forest 8-5ACC8833800.7132
3304040Purdue 7-6B108833800.7132
3404230South Florida 10-2AAC86331000.7054
3504229Iowa State 8-5B128636700.6938
3604240San Diego State 10-3MW8636700.6938
3704238Kansas State 8-5B128637600.6899
3804544Duke 7-6ACC8337900.6783
3904539Texas 7-6B128341500.6628
4004859Indiana 5-7B108040900.6550
4104856Kentucky 7-6SEC8043600.6434
4204927Boise State 11-3MW79381200.6589
4304939Fresno State 10-4MW7942800.6434
4405061Mississippi 6-6SEC7843800.6357
4505148Utah 7-6P1277401200.6434
4605172Maryland 4-8B107743900.6318
4705148Oregon 7-6P127747500.6163
4805245Navy 7-6AAC76411200.6357
4905255Texas Tech 6-7B1276421100.6318
5005249Georgia Tech 5-6ACC7647600.6124
5105446Texas A&M 7-6SEC7446900.6085
5205478Vanderbilt 5-7SEC7448700.6008
5305572Virginia 6-7ACC7347900.6008
5405648Arizona State 7-6P127253400.5736
5505750West Virginia 7-6B1271471100.5930
5605867Minnesota 5-7B107051800.5736
5705938Troy 11-2SBC69471300.5853
5805970California 5-7P1269471300.5853
5906059UCLA 6-7P1268461500.5853
6006153Houston 7-5AAC67511100.5620
6106170Florida 4-7SEC67511100.5620
6206231Florida Atlantic 11-3CUSA66491400.5659
6306289Tennessee 4-8SEC6658500.5310
6406354Missouri 7-6SEC6556800.5349
6506581Tulane 5-7AAC63551100.5310
6606764Pittsburgh 5-7ACC61531500.5310
6706774Nebraska 4-8B1061581000.5116
6806882Arkansas 4-8SEC6066300.4767
6906967SMU 7-6AAC59601000.4961
7006991Rutgers 4-8B105961900.4922
7106964Temple 7-6AAC5962800.4884
7207069North Texas 9-5CUSA58581300.5000
7307174Syracuse 4-8ACC57531900.5155
7407159Arizona 7-6P125764800.4729
7507391North Carolina 3-9ACC5568600.4496
7607442Toledo 11-3MAC54611400.4729
7707484Colorado 5-7P125466900.4535
7808066Northern Illinois 8-5MAC4872900.4070
7908071Marshall 8-5CUSA4875600.3953
80081102Cincinnati 4-8AAC4774800.3953
8108259Ohio 9-4MAC4674900.3915
8208383Florida Intl 8-5CUSA45731100.3915
8308388Middle Tenn State 7-6CUSA45741000.3876
8408868Wyoming 8-5MW40781100.3527
8508884Southern Miss 8-5CUSA4082700.3372
8609079Louisiana Tech 7-6CUSA38811000.3333
8709087Buffalo 6-6MAC3882900.3295
88090110Connecticut 3-9AAC3882900.3295
8909183Western Michigan 6-6MAC37801200.3333
90091107East Carolina 3-9AAC3784800.3178
9109177Central Michigan 8-5MAC3785700.3140
9209196UAB 8-5CUSA3787500.3062
9309355Appalachian State 9-4SBC3586800.3023
9409587Akron 7-7MAC33851100.2984
95095109Old Dominion 5-7CUSA3389700.2829
96095108Illinois 2-10B103393300.2674
9709693Eastern Michigan 5-7MAC32861100.2907
9809691Air Force 5-7MW3296100.2519
99098102UNLV 5-7MW30861300.2829
10009896Texas-San Antonio 6-5CUSA30891000.2713
10109999Miami-Ohio 5-7MAC29891100.2674
102010099Georgia State 7-5SBC2892900.2519
103010091Utah State 6-7MW2896500.2364
104010198New Mexico State 7-6SBC2793900.2442
105010180Colorado State 7-6MW2796600.2326
1060102106Western Kentucky 6-7CUSA2695800.2326
1070102107Nevada 3-9MW2698500.2209
108010483Arkansas State 7-5SBC24101400.2016
1090107114South Alabama 4-8SBC21981000.2016
1100107120Hawaii 3-9MW21102600.1860
1110108108Tulsa 2-10AAC20931600.2171
1120109108UL Monroe 4-8SBC191001000.1860
1130110116UL Lafayette 5-7SBC18105600.1628
1140110126San Jose State 2-11MW18107400.1550
1150111108Massachusetts 4-8Ind17103900.1667
1160113106BYU 4-9Ind151041000.1550
1170113114New Mexico 3-9MW151041000.1550
1180114127Ball State 2-10MAC141031200.1550
1190116127UNC-Charlotte 1-11CUSA12108900.1279
1200116112Idaho 4-8SBC12111600.1163
1210118121Coastal Carolina 3-9SBC10113600.1008
1220118122Georgia Southern 2-10SBC10114500.0969
1230119123Kent State 2-10MAC9117300.0814
1240120117Bowling Green 2-10MAC8119200.0698
1250122127Texas State 2-10SBC6119400.0620
1260125112Baylor 1-11B121125030.0233
1270125126Rice 1-11CUSA1125030.0233
1280125120Oregon State 1-11P120125040.0207
1290126121Kansas 1-11B120126030.0155
1300126130UTEP 0-12CUSA0126030.0155

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