North Dakota State Bison

8 Jan 2018 22:16:01


9/2/2017Mississippi Valley State (2-9)7atNorth Dakota State72SWAC
9/9/2017North Dakota State40atEastern Washington (7-4)13at BSky
9/23/2017Robert Morris (2-9)0atNorth Dakota State56NE
9/30/2017Missouri State (3-8,2-6)11atNorth Dakota State38
10/7/2017North Dakota State52atIndiana State (0-11,0-8)0
10/14/2017North Dakota State27atYoungstown State (6-5,4-4)24OT
10/21/2017Western Illinois (8-4,5-3)12atNorth Dakota State24
10/28/2017Northern Iowa (8-5,6-3)14atNorth Dakota State30
11/4/2017North Dakota State21atSouth Dakota State (11-3,7-2)33
11/11/2017South Dakota (8-5,4-4)14atNorth Dakota State49
11/18/2017North Dakota State20atIllinois State (6-5,4-4)7
12/2/2017San Diego (10-3)3atNorth Dakota State381AA Playoff Round 2Pio
12/9/2017Wofford (10-3)10atNorth Dakota State421AA Playoff QuarterfinalSoCon
12/15/2017Sam Houston (12-2)13atNorth Dakota State551AA SemifinalSLC
1/6/2018North Dakota State17vsJames Madison (14-1)131AA Championship (Frisco TX)vs CAAF

Opponents' results

vs North Dakota Statevs Other OpponentsNorth Dakota State compared to OOs
Record: 1-14 106-63
Points Scored:11.6031.1119.51
Points Allowed:38.7325.2913.44
Total Points:50.3356.40-6.07

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