Arizona State Sun Devils

8 Jan 2018 22:16:00

P12 in Big5

8/31/2017New Mexico State (7-6)31atArizona State37SBC
9/9/2017San Diego State (10-3)30atArizona State20MW
9/16/2017Arizona State45atTexas Tech (6-7)52at B12
9/23/2017Oregon (7-6,4-5)35atArizona State37
9/30/2017Arizona State24atStanford (9-5,7-3)34
10/14/2017Washington (10-3,7-2)7atArizona State13
10/21/2017Arizona State30atUtah (7-6,3-6)10
10/28/2017Southern California (11-3,9-1)48atArizona State17
11/4/2017Colorado (5-7,2-7)30atArizona State41
11/11/2017Arizona State37atUCLA (6-7,4-5)44
11/18/2017Arizona State40atOregon State (1-11,0-9)24
11/25/2017Arizona (7-6,5-4)30atArizona State42
12/29/2017North Carolina State (9-4)52vsArizona State31Sun Bowl (El Paso TX)ACC

Opponents' results

vs Arizona Statevs Other OpponentsArizona State compared to OOs
Record: 6-7 89-67
Points Scored:32.8531.89-0.96
Points Allowed:31.8527.764.09
Total Points:64.7059.655.05

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