8 Jan 2013 05:13:00

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8/24/2012Carroll MT31 at Montana State -Northern6
Jamestown19 vs Rocky Mountain38 Miles City MT
8/25/2012Tabor20 at Bacone25
Virginia-Wise24 at Bethel TN21OT
Pikeville42 at Bluefield28
Benedictine KS45 at Concordia NE37
Peru State35 at Dakota State27
Point34 at Edward Waters66
Graceland6 at Grand View26
William Penn39 at Iowa Wesleyan14 @ Non
Lindsey Wilson20 at Kentucky Christian27OT
Marian IN35 at Olivet Nazarene0
Baker27 at Ottawa20
Robert Morris IL19 at Siena Heights262OT
Concordia MI14 at St Francis IL44
St Francis IN46 at Texas College10
Trinity Bible15 at Trinity International59 vs Non
8/30/2012Grand View8 at Drake28 @ FCS
Southern Virginia0 at Morehead State55 @ FCS
Valley City State7 at Morningside49
Southwestern0 at Northwestern IA49
Ferris State35 at St Francis IL24 vs D2
9/1/2012Taylor46 at Anderson0 @ D3
Bacone14 at Arkansas Tech16 @ D2
Langston14 vs Ark Pine Bluff17 Little Rock AR @ FCS
Sterling6 at Benedictine KS59
William Penn51 at Bethel KS0
Marian IN31 vs Bethel TN7 Dyersburg TN
Georgetown KY77 at Bluefield9
Pikeville14 at Campbellsville7
MidAmerica Nazarene34 at Central Methodist14
Kansas Wesleyan10 vs Cumberland TN31 Dyersburg TN
Belhaven10 at Cumberlands KY21
Dakota State14 at Dakota Wesleyan40
Rocky Mountain30 at Dickinson State19
Briar Cliff28 at Doane41
Friends14 at Evangel27
Culver-Stockton17 at Graceland28
Texas College12 at Incarnate Word19 @ D2
Siena Heights34 at Iowa Wesleyan36 @ Non
Concordia-Moorhead42 at Jamestown26 vs D3
Edward Waters28 at Lane45 @ D2
Avila37 at Lindenwood-Belleville43
Union KY21 at Lindsey Wilson36
Menlo9 at Linfield30 @ D3
Missouri Valley27 at McPherson13
Eastern Oregon26 at Montana Tech23
St Mary KS20 at Nebraska Wesleyan25
St Xavier41 at Olivet Nazarene12
Baker34 at Peru State13
Carroll MT20 at Portland State38 @ FCS
Haskell13 at Presentation26 @ D3
Olivet0 at Robert Morris IL42 vs D3
Montana-Western21 vs Southern Oregon54 Medford OR
Wisconsin-Stevens Point31 at St Francis IN39 vs D3
Bethany KS13 at Southwestern Assemblies of God12
Saint Ambrose43 at Trinity International6
Faulkner43 at Virginia-Wise10
Dordt7 at Waldorf43
Louisiana College34 at Webber International16 vs D3
Point3 at West Georgia55 @ D2
9/6/2012Faulkner20 at Georgetown KY34
9/8/2012Central Methodist21 at Avila14
Langston19 vs Bacone0 Tulsa OK
Evangel17 at Baker48
Louisiana College24 at Belhaven13 vs D3
McPherson14 at Bethany KS0
Graceland24 at Briar Cliff17
Virginia-Wise0 at Campbell10 @ FCS
Union KY14 at Campbellsville13
Trinity International42 at Concordia MI0
Dakota Wesleyan26 at Concordia NE23
Peru State48 at Culver-Stockton21
Cumberlands KY55 at Cumberland TN13
Dakota State14 at Doane35
Hastings20 at Dordt7
Montana State -Northern14 at Eastern Oregon17
Morehouse38 vs Edward Waters19 Waycross GA vs D2
St Mary KS14 at Friends36
Robert Morris IL14 at Haskell0
Southwestern Assemblies of God27 at Howard Payne17 @ D3
Ottawa28 at Kansas Wesleyan31
Bluefield14 at Kentucky Christian33
Missouri Valley41 at MidAmerica Nazarene7
Nebraska Wesleyan3 at Midland U.7
Webber International24 at Mississippi College31 @ D3
Carroll MT20 at Montana Tech37
Dickinson State13 at Montana-Western28
Northwestern IA7 at Morningside34
Lindenwood-Belleville23 at Panhandle State30OT @ D2
Grand View14 at Olivet Nazarene6
Lindsey Wilson53 at Pikeville36
Menlo41 at Pomona-Pitzer13 @ D3
Southern Oregon30 at Rocky Mountain52
Marian IN31 at Siena Heights3
North Carolina Wesleyan14 at Southern Virginia24 vs D3
Bethel KS13 at Southwestern27
Saint Ambrose15 at St Francis IN14
St Francis IL3 at St Xavier31
Sterling7 at Tabor12
Iowa Wesleyan14 at Taylor41 vs Non
Southern Arkansas56 at Texas College0 vs D2
Jamestown0 at Wisconsin-Stout31 @ D3
Mayville State13 at Valley City State38
Presentation29 at Waldorf47 vs D3
Adams State55 at Wayland Baptist7 vs D2
Luther9 at William Penn31 vs D3
9/15/2012Bethany KS16 at Bethel KS0
Ave Maria14 at Birmingham-Southern61 @ D3
Faulkner52 at Bluefield10
Bethel TN33 at Campbellsville24
Rocky Mountain6 at Carroll MT19
Bacone3 at Central Arkansas70 @ FCS
Baker24 at Central Methodist14
Siena Heights31 at Concordia MI14
Belhaven30 at Cumberland TN36
Valley City State41 at Dakota State31
Briar Cliff13 at Dakota Wesleyan24
Montana State -Northern20 at Dickinson State21
Culver-Stockton23 at Evangel45
Southern Virginia7 at Ferrum20 @ D3
Southern Nazarene7 at Friends17 vs D2
Benedictine KS48 at Graceland0
Trinity International15 at Grand View27
Texas College21 at Hardin-Simmons57 @ D3
Concordia NE26 at Hastings34
Lindenwood-Belleville35 at Iowa Wesleyan28 @ Non
Webber International10 at Jacksonville33 @ FCS
South Dakota Tech14 at Jamestown17 vs D2
Georgetown KY33 at Lindsey Wilson7
Edward Waters42 at Livingstone36 @ D2
Southwestern21 at McPherson40
Occidental6 at Menlo56 vs D3
Dordt7 at Midland U.26
Avila6 at Missouri Valley55
Montana Tech30 at Montana-Western24
Morningside35 at Nebraska Wesleyan10
Kentucky Christian0 at North Alabama39 @ D2
Doane14 at Northwestern IA28
St Francis IL19 at Olivet Nazarene16
St Mary KS42 at Ottawa50
Virginia-Wise20 at Pikeville38
Millsaps54 at Point28 vs D3
St Joseph's35 at Robert Morris IL40 vs D2
Taylor14 at Saint Ambrose24
Langston7 at St Xavier37
Kansas Wesleyan14 at Sterling11
Austin25 at Southwestern Assemblies of God17 vs D3
Haskell7 at Tabor56
Mayville State44 at Trinity Bible7 @ Non
Cumberlands KY48 at Union KY14
William Penn48 at Waldorf14
Howard Payne23 at Wayland Baptist27 vs D3
9/22/2012Southern Virginia30 at Ave Maria49
MidAmerica Nazarene38 at Avila9
Missouri Valley31 at Baker17
Campbellsville28 at Belhaven70
Peru State7 at Benedictine KS49
Kansas Wesleyan0 at Bethany KS16
Bluefield28 at Bethel TN56
Hastings34 vs Briar Cliff24 Vermillion SD
Eastern Oregon7 at Carroll MT28
Dordt12 at Concordia NE52
Central Methodist32 at Culver-Stockton7
Pikeville21 at Cumberlands KY63
Nebraska Wesleyan24 at Doane38
Lindsey Wilson41 at Faulkner43
Kentucky Christian6 at Georgetown KY27
Bacone77 at Haskell13
Valley City State13 at Jamestown10
Langston0 at Lamar31 @ FCS
Robert Morris IL45 at Lindenwood-Belleville6
Grand View20 at Marian IN31
Presentation7 at Mayville State54 vs D3
Wayland Baptist13 at McMurry76 @ D2
Friends18 at McPherson17
La Verne13 at Menlo59 vs D3
Montana-Western39 at Montana State -Northern46
Midland U.0 at Morningside42
Evangel17 at Nicholls State73 @ FCS
Dakota State12 at Northwestern IA47
Montana Tech24 at Rocky Mountain6
Dickinson State7 at Southern Oregon45
Sterling7 at Southwestern12
Iowa Wesleyan13 at St Francis IL52 vs Non
Concordia MI14 at St Francis IN76
Tabor37 at St Mary KS23
Texas Lutheran43 at Southwestern Assemblies of God35 vs D3
Taylor13 at Trine28 @ D3
Waldorf76 at Trinity Bible35 @ Non
St Xavier36 at Trinity International26
Cumberland TN24 at Virginia-Wise17
Union KY10 at Webber International7
9/29/2012Avila35 at Bethany KS19
McPherson61 at Bethel KS9
Lindsey Wilson29 at Cumberlands KY61
Concordia NE28 at Dakota State7
Carroll MT42 at Dickinson State6
Briar Cliff33 at Dordt29
Montana-Western16 at Eastern Oregon3
Benedictine KS44 at Evangel54
Bethel TN21 at Georgetown KY63
Southwestern38 at Haskell12
Dakota Wesleyan30 at Hastings40
Ave Maria21 at Huntingdon AL42 @ D3
Friends24 at Kansas Wesleyan28
Campbellsville15 at Kentucky Christian14
Southern Nazarene14 at Langston17 vs D2
Central Methodist20 at Lindenwood-Belleville23
Jamestown21 at Mayville State20
Baker20 at MidAmerica Nazarene49
Doane27 at Midland U.7
Culver-Stockton7 at Missouri Valley47
Rocky Mountain19 at Montana State -Northern42
Southern Oregon45 at Montana Tech48
Northwestern IA33 at Nebraska Wesleyan27
Graceland28 at Peru State20
Cumberland TN41 at Pikeville23
Faulkner65 at Point17
Trinity International17 at Robert Morris IL42
Taylor14 at Siena Heights28
Virginia U-Lynchburg19 at Southern Virginia16 vs Non
Grand View29 at Saint Ambrose26
St Francis IN25 at St Xavier13
St Mary KS21 at Sterling20
Ottawa25 at Tabor21
Wayland Baptist0 at Texas College26
Bluefield14 at Union KY37
Edward Waters10 at Valdosta State58 @ D2
South Dakota Tech39 at Valley City State28 vs D2
Belhaven52 at Virginia-Wise14
St Francis IL52 at Waldorf6
Olivet Nazarene3 at William Penn27
10/5/2012Southern Virginia20 vs Apprentice14 Salem VA @ D3
10/6/2012Southwestern Assemblies of God0 at Bacone34
Avila13 at Baker42
Kentucky Christian13 at Belhaven10
Central Methodist14 at Benedictine KS21
Pikeville17 at Bethel TN57
Virginia-Wise35 at Bluefield21
Concordia NE45 at Briar Cliff12
Georgetown KY42 at Campbellsville13
MidAmerica Nazarene63 at Culver-Stockton3
Union KY21 at Cumberland TN42
Hastings55 at Dakota State19
Dordt31 at Dakota Wesleyan45
Montana Tech42 at Dickinson State6
Morningside28 at Doane3
Cumberlands KY31 at Faulkner27
Bethel KS6 at Friends44
Evangel35 at Graceland14
Waldorf0 at Grand View51
Lindenwood-Belleville60 at Haskell20
Trinity International54 at Iowa Wesleyan24 @ Non
Valley City State61 at Mayville State35
Webber International19 at Menlo14
Midland U.20 at Northwestern IA39
Southwestern21 at Ottawa40
Trinity Bible21 at Peru State47 vs Non
Saint Ambrose34 at Quincy18 @ D2
Concordia MI9 at Robert Morris IL42
Point13 at Shorter35 @ D2
Olivet Nazarene20 at Siena Heights14
Eastern Oregon22 at Southern Oregon68
Bethany KS20 at St Mary KS34
Kansas Wesleyan31 at Tabor56
Marian IN49 at Taylor21
Panhandle State30 at Texas College9 vs D2
Langston40 at Wayland Baptist0
St Francis IL8 at William Penn19
10/13/2012Wayland Baptist23 at Austin24 @ D3
Culver-Stockton23 at Avila47
Panhandle State7 at Bacone40 vs D2
Bluefield10 at Belhaven66
Tabor44 at Bethany KS7
Sterling49 at Bethel KS0
Southern Virginia24 at Brevard59 @ D2
Dakota State35 at Briar Cliff28
Lindsey Wilson23 at Campbellsville28
Montana-Western14 at Carroll MT21
Graceland17 at Central Methodist14
Taylor34 at Concordia MI7
Northwestern IA16 at Concordia NE17
Nebraska Wesleyan27 at Dordt7
Rocky Mountain24 at Eastern Oregon28
Webber International29 at Edward Waters30
Peru State23 at Evangel38
Cumberland TN14 at Faulkner42
MidAmerica Nazarene28 at Gardner-Webb30 @ FCS
Cumberlands KY35 at Georgetown KY41
Valley City State16 at Gustavus Adolphus0 @ D3
Dickinson State8 at Jamestown7
Southern Nazarene44 at Kansas Wesleyan19 vs D2
Lindenwood-Belleville35 at Kentucky Wesleyan42 @ D2
Texas College7 at Langston14
St Francis IN38 at Marian IN45
Hastings20 at Midland U.17
Benedictine KS26 at Missouri Valley42
Southern Oregon65 at Montana State -Northern34
Dakota Wesleyan7 at Morningside63
McPherson14 at Ottawa38
Lane16 at Point10 vs D2
Ave Maria7 at Shorter37 @ D2
St Xavier45 at Siena Heights7
Friends21 at Southwestern32
Iowa Wesleyan14 vs Saint Ambrose23 Bettendorf IA vs Non
Trinity International17 at St Francis IL48
William Penn53 at St Mary KS14
Haskell0 at Southwestern Assemblies of God41
Bethel TN51 at Union KY48
Kentucky Christian28 at Virginia-Wise7
Olivet Nazarene42 at Waldorf43
10/20/2012Robert Morris IL21 at Ave Maria0
MidAmerica Nazarene28 at Benedictine KS17
Faulkner21 at Bethel TN33
Montana State -Northern14 at Carroll MT35
Lindenwood-Belleville14 at Culver-Stockton21
Campbellsville23 at Cumberland TN28
Virginia-Wise13 at Cumberlands KY75
Doane24 at Dakota Wesleyan28
Dakota State7 at Dordt24
Montana Tech28 at Eastern Oregon20
Avila21 at Evangel54
Bethany KS7 at Friends43
Missouri Valley39 at Graceland7
Siena Heights25 at Grand View13
Morningside53 at Hastings23
Waldorf65 at Iowa Wesleyan66 @ Non
Bethel KS12 at Kansas Wesleyan51
Union KY7 at Kentucky Christian21
Belhaven35 at Lindsey Wilson7
Concordia MI7 at Marian IN59
Midland U.40 at Mayville State20
Wesley30 at Menlo13 vs D3
Southern Oregon76 at Montana-Western29
Concordia NE6 at Nebraska Wesleyan16
Briar Cliff7 at Northwestern IA57
Central Methodist23 at Peru State40
Georgetown KY35 at Pikeville10
Webber International10 at Point7
Dickinson State14 at Rocky Mountain46
Edward Waters35 at Savannah State42 @ FCS
Concordia AL20 at Southern Virginia14 vs Non
Olivet Nazarene10 at Saint Ambrose63
Southwestern7 at St Mary KS45
Ottawa38 at Sterling21
St Xavier55 at Taylor31
Bacone19 at Texas College6
Jamestown13 at Valley City State10
Southwestern Assemblies of God37 at Wayland Baptist58
St Francis IN28 at William Penn19
10/27/2012Benedictine KS45 at Avila42
Wayland Baptist0 at Bacone53
Cumberland TN30 at Bethel TN32
Lindsey Wilson47 at Bluefield13
Nebraska Wesleyan35 at Briar Cliff14
Evangel49 at Central Methodist16
Edward Waters7 at Charleston Southern42 @ FCS
Midland U.14 at Concordia NE23
Baker29 at Culver-Stockton9
Campbellsville19 at Cumberlands KY62
Jamestown34 at Dakota State352OT
Northwestern IA41 at Dakota Wesleyan13
Eastern Oregon14 at Dickinson State0
Hastings16 at Doane48
Belhaven35 at Faulkner0
Sterling0 at Friends21
Valley City State27 at Lindenwood-Belleville0
Menlo7 at Marian IN34
Macalester41 at Mayville State14 vs D3
Langston11 at McMurry29 @ D2
St Mary KS26 at McPherson14
Graceland0 at MidAmerica Nazarene55
Peru State13 at Missouri Valley67
Montana State -Northern13 at Montana Tech21
Rocky Mountain20 at Montana-Western23
Dordt0 at Morningside45
Southwestern Assemblies of God28 at Panhandle State27OT @ D2
Iowa Wesleyan28 at Olivet Nazarene39 vs Non
Bethany KS20 at Ottawa56
Kentucky Christian22 at Pikeville10
Apprentice14 at Point48 vs D3
Haskell0 at Robert Morris IL58
Carroll MT49 at Southern Oregon52
Kansas Wesleyan35 at Southwestern17
Grand View23 at St Francis IL16
Siena Heights7 at St Francis IN31
Concordia MI10 at St Xavier54
Bethel KS6 at Tabor75
Concordia AL20 at Texas College31 vs Non
William Penn36 at Trinity International25
Virginia-Wise14 at Union KY10
Saint Ambrose48 at Waldorf21
Ave Maria12 at Webber International35
11/3/2012Culver-Stockton0 at Austin Peay56 @ FCS
Pikeville14 at Belhaven24
Baker38 at Benedictine KS28
Sterling17 at Bethany KS10
St Mary KS86 at Bethel KS6
Faulkner31 at Campbellsville24
Bluefield0 at Cumberland TN49
Mayville State34 at Dakota State33
Doane55 at Dordt6
Southern Oregon63 at Eastern Oregon35
Ave Maria14 at Edward Waters48
Missouri Valley35 at Evangel21
Union KY0 at Georgetown KY77
Avila14 at Graceland16
Iowa Wesleyan7 at Grand View51 vs Non
Northwestern IA45 at Hastings6
McPherson28 at Kansas Wesleyan24
Cumberlands KY26 at Kentucky Christian15
Southwestern Assemblies of God7 at Langston21
Bethel TN42 at Lindsey Wilson17
Texas College0 at McMurry53 @ D2
Briar Cliff20 at Midland U.28
Dickinson State10 at Montana State -Northern42
Montana-Western7 at Montana Tech43
Concordia NE0 at Morningside50
Dakota Wesleyan0 at Nebraska Wesleyan17
Wayland Baptist14 at Panhandle State67 @ D2
Trinity International39 at Olivet Nazarene41
Friends3 at Ottawa35
MidAmerica Nazarene38 at Peru State28
Huntingdon AL33 at Point19 vs D3
Carroll MT28 at Rocky Mountain31
Webber International6 at Southern Virginia27
Tabor51 at Southwestern27
Menlo21 at St Francis IL31
Taylor0 at St Francis IN21
Marian IN6 at St Xavier23
Robert Morris IL20 at Valley City State21
Siena Heights31 at Waldorf21
Saint Ambrose20 at William Penn17
11/10/2012Webber International13 at Apprentice12 @ D3
Point27 at Ave Maria243OT
Peru State31 at Avila24OT
Graceland7 at Baker40
Bethel TN21 at Belhaven17
Southwestern26 at Bethany KS37
Ottawa51 at Bethel KS6
Campbellsville23 at Bluefield14
Morningside62 at Briar Cliff0
Dickinson State0 at Carroll MT23
Iowa Wesleyan41 at Concordia MI7 vs Non
Benedictine KS34 at Culver-Stockton7
Midland U.14 at Dakota Wesleyan21
Concordia NE7 at Doane17
Southern Virginia17 at Edward Waters10
Kentucky Christian18 at Faulkner15
Trinity Bible34 at Haskell39 vs Non
Nebraska Wesleyan21 at Hastings14
Mayville State13 at Jamestown53
St Francis IN44 at Lindenwood-Belleville7
Cumberland TN33 at Lindsey Wilson32OT
Bacone14 at McMurry47 @ D2
Pacific Lutheran38 at Menlo21 vs D3
Evangel3 at MidAmerica Nazarene56
Central Methodist6 at Missouri Valley25
Eastern Oregon20 at Montana-Western41
Dordt7 at Northwestern IA55
Langston27 at Panhandle State20 @ D2
St Xavier28 at Robert Morris IL19
Montana State -Northern22 at Rocky Mountain32
Montana Tech28 at Southern Oregon46
St Francis IL20 at Saint Ambrose35
Kansas Wesleyan23 at St Mary KS31
McPherson21 at Sterling9
Texas College13 at Southwestern Assemblies of God6
Friends3 at Tabor31
Olivet Nazarene15 at Taylor22
Waldorf24 at Trinity International49
Pikeville59 at Union KY60
Georgetown KY49 at Virginia-Wise27
Grand View12 at William Penn17
11/17/2012MidAmerica Nazarene24atCumberlands KY42NAIA playoffs
Bethel TN45 atGeorgetown KY44NAIA playoffs
Northwestern IA32 at Marian IN42NAIA playoffs
Ottawa21atMissouri Valley26NAIA playoffs
Montana Tech35 atMorningside40NAIA playoffs
Southern Oregon45 atSaint Ambrose28NAIA playoffs
Baker17atSt Francis IN22NAIA playoffs
William Penn0 atSt Xavier31NAIA playoffs
Edward Waters24 at Virginia U-Lynchburg21 @ Non
11/24/2012St Francis IN34 atMarian IN45 NAIA Quarterfinals
Bethel TN7 atMissouri Valley10 NAIA Quarterfinals
Southern Oregon44 atMorningside47OT NAIA Quarterfinals
Cumberlands KY21 atSt Xavier35 NAIA Quarterfinals
12/1/2012Marian IN20 at Missouri Valley17NAIA Semifinals
St Xavier19 at Morningside47NAIA Semifinals
12/13/2012Marian IN30 vs Morningside27OTRome Georgia - NAIA Championship