Division 1A Football Polls

Copyright 2005, Paul Kislanko

While ranking college football teams occupies most fans' attention, it is almost equally interesting to follow the follies that are the human polls that fascinate the media. Without regard to the fact that they tend to use a vote-counting method that has been discredited for any meaningful election, they are guaranteed to provide entertainment by way of occaisional truly bizarre results.

A serious study of the human polls would involve a contradiction of terms, but it is worth maintaining a record of the polls over the course of a season. Later on we'll do a "serious" analysis of the weekly volatility for each poll, and along the way we'll measure the (in)accuracy of each poll's pre-season values.

For each of the polls, the tables include for each D-1A team the current record, team's conference, the difference between the team's current rank and it's first rank ("Delta"), and the ranking for each week.

Best ranking for each team
This ranking selects the better rank from the AP, Coaches, and beginning with week 4, Harris polls. It is the rank used in the schedules on this site.
Associated Press rankings
The "extended" ranking including teams "receiving votes". As many teams are ranked as are reported, so it more nearly a "top teams" than a "top 25".
Coaches Poll rankings
Supported and sponsored by USA Today and the College Football Coaches Association, this poll contributes 1/3rd of the BCS formula.
Harris Poll
Another 1/3rd of the BCS formula, this poll begins after week four of the season.