Win Chains for Concordia MI
10:19pm (US Mountain) 8 Jan 2018

PL is the length of the shortest path from Concordia MI to the ending team
#P is the total number of paths of that length
W? is
• W if the weighted win chain is stronger than that from the ending team to Concordia MI
• L if the ending team has a stronger win chain to Concordia MI
• T if the weighted win chains have the same value in each direction
[PL #P] is the length and number of the shortest paths back to *

There are no paths between Concordia MI and 49 other teams:
Arizona Christian; Langston; Lyon; Panhandle State; Southwestern Assemblies of God; Wayland Baptist; Carroll MT; College of Idaho; Eastern Oregon; Montana State-Northern; Montana Tech; Montana-Western; Rocky Mountain; Southern Oregon; Morningside; Northwestern IA; Benedictine KS; Culver-Stockton; Graceland; Grand View; Peru State; William Penn; Avila; Baker; Central Methodist; Evangel; MidAmerica Nazarene; Missouri Valley; Bluefield; Cumberlands KY; Pikeville; Point; St Andrews; Union KY; Bethel TN; Campbellsville; Cincinnati Christian; Cumberland TN; Georgetown KY; Kentucky Christian; Lindsey Wilson; Ave Maria; Edward Waters; Faulkner; Southeastern FL; Warner U.; Webber International; St Xavier; Dickinson State
in either direction.
PL#PW?Win Chains from Concordia MI(*) to...
21W∗→Robert Morris IL→Bacone [0 0]
31W∗→Robert Morris IL→Bacone→Texas College [0 0]
31W∗→Robert Morris IL→Bacone→Texas Wesleyan [0 0]
43W∗→Olivet Nazarene→Kansas Wesleyan→Concordia NE→Briar Cliff [0 0]
∗→Missouri Baptist→Saint Ambrose→Dakota State→Briar Cliff
∗→Marian IN→Saint Ambrose→Dakota State→Briar Cliff
31W∗→Olivet Nazarene→Kansas Wesleyan→Concordia NE [0 0]
43W∗→Olivet Nazarene→Kansas Wesleyan→Concordia NE→Dakota Wesleyan [0 0]
∗→Missouri Baptist→Saint Ambrose→Dakota State→Dakota Wesleyan
∗→Marian IN→Saint Ambrose→Dakota State→Dakota Wesleyan
41W∗→Olivet Nazarene→Kansas Wesleyan→Concordia NE→Doane [0 0]
41W∗→Olivet Nazarene→Kansas Wesleyan→Concordia NE→Dordt [0 0]
53W∗→Olivet Nazarene→Kansas Wesleyan→Concordia NE→Doane→Hastings [0 0]
∗→Missouri Baptist→Saint Ambrose→Dakota State→Dakota Wesleyan→Hastings
∗→Marian IN→Saint Ambrose→Dakota State→Dakota Wesleyan→Hastings
41W∗→Olivet Nazarene→Kansas Wesleyan→Concordia NE→Midland U. [0 0]
31W∗→Olivet Nazarene→Kansas Wesleyan→Bethany KS [0 0]
31W∗→Olivet Nazarene→Kansas Wesleyan→Bethel KS [0 0]
31W∗→Olivet Nazarene→Kansas Wesleyan→Friends [0 0]
21W∗→Olivet Nazarene→Kansas Wesleyan [0 0]
31W∗→Olivet Nazarene→Kansas Wesleyan→McPherson [0 0]
31W∗→Olivet Nazarene→Kansas Wesleyan→Ottawa [0 0]
31W∗→Olivet Nazarene→Kansas Wesleyan→Southwestern [0 0]
31W∗→Olivet Nazarene→Kansas Wesleyan→St Mary KS [0 0]
41W∗→Olivet Nazarene→Kansas Wesleyan→Bethany KS→Sterling [0 0]
PL#PW?Win Chains from Concordia MI(*) to...
51W∗→Olivet Nazarene→Kansas Wesleyan→Bethany KS→Sterling→Tabor [0 0]
00LReinhardt [1 1]
11W∗→Lindenwood-Belleville [0 0]
11W∗→Marian IN [0 0]
11W∗→Missouri Baptist [0 0]
11W∗→Siena Heights [0 0]
00LSt Francis IN [1 1]
11W∗→Taylor [0 0]
11W∗→Olivet Nazarene [0 0]
11W∗→Robert Morris IL [0 0]
23W∗→Olivet Nazarene→Saint Ambrose [0 0]
∗→Missouri Baptist→Saint Ambrose
∗→Marian IN→Saint Ambrose
21W∗→Siena Heights→St Francis IL [0 0]
11W∗→Trinity International [0 0]
33W∗→Olivet Nazarene→Saint Ambrose→Dakota State [0 0]
∗→Missouri Baptist→Saint Ambrose→Dakota State
∗→Marian IN→Saint Ambrose→Dakota State
43W∗→Olivet Nazarene→Saint Ambrose→Dakota State→Jamestown [0 0]
∗→Missouri Baptist→Saint Ambrose→Dakota State→Jamestown
∗→Marian IN→Saint Ambrose→Dakota State→Jamestown
43W∗→Olivet Nazarene→Saint Ambrose→Dakota State→Mayville State [0 0]
∗→Missouri Baptist→Saint Ambrose→Dakota State→Mayville State
∗→Marian IN→Saint Ambrose→Dakota State→Mayville State
43W∗→Olivet Nazarene→Saint Ambrose→Dakota State→Presentation [0 0]
PL#PW?Win Chains from Concordia MI(*) to...
∗→Missouri Baptist→Saint Ambrose→Dakota State→Presentation
∗→Marian IN→Saint Ambrose→Dakota State→Presentation
43W∗→Olivet Nazarene→Saint Ambrose→Dakota State→Valley City State [0 0]
∗→Missouri Baptist→Saint Ambrose→Dakota State→Valley City State
∗→Marian IN→Saint Ambrose→Dakota State→Valley City State
43W∗→Olivet Nazarene→Saint Ambrose→Dakota State→Waldorf [0 0]
∗→Missouri Baptist→Saint Ambrose→Dakota State→Waldorf
∗→Marian IN→Saint Ambrose→Dakota State→Waldorf