Holy Cross Crusaders

8 Jan 2018 22:16:01

Pat in FCS

8/31/2017Holy Cross20atConnecticut (3-9)27at AAC
9/9/2017Holy Cross20atBucknell (5-6,2-4)0
9/16/2017New Hampshire (9-5)26atHoly Cross51CAAF
9/23/2017Holy Cross26atDartmouth (8-2)27OTat Ivy
9/30/2017Lafayette (3-8,3-3)10atHoly Cross7
10/7/2017Monmouth NJ (9-3)48atHoly Cross36BigS
10/14/2017Holy Cross0atYale (9-1)32at Ivy
10/21/2017Colgate (7-4,5-1)45atHoly Cross7
10/28/2017Georgetown (1-10,0-6)10atHoly Cross24
11/4/2017Holy Cross42atFordham (4-7,3-3)20
11/11/2017Holy Cross21atLehigh (5-7,5-1)34

Opponents' results

vs Holy Crossvs Other OpponentsHoly Cross compared to OOs
Record: 7-4 56-58
Points Scored:25.3624.17-1.19
Points Allowed:23.0927.23-4.14
Total Points:48.4551.40-2.95

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