2006 Bowl Affiliations
10 Oct 2006

Date Bowl Matchup Payout
19-Dec Poinsettia Mtn West vs Army1 750 San Diego
21-Dec Las Vegas Mtn West vs Pac 10 1000 Las Vegas
22-Dec New Orleans CUSA vs Sun Belt 325 New Orleans
23-Dec Armed Forces CUSA vs Mtn West 750 Ft. Worth
23-Dec Birmingham CUSA vs Big East   Birmingham
23-Dec New Mexico Mtn West vs WAC   Albuquerque
24-Dec Hawaii Pac 10 vs WAC 700 Honolulu
26-Dec Motor City Big Ten vs MAC 750 Detroit
27-Dec Emerald ACC vs Pac 10 750 San Francisco
27-Dec Independence Big 12 vs SEC 1200 Shreveport
28-Dec Holiday Big 12 vs Pac 10 2200 San Diego
28-Dec Texas Big 12 vs Big East 750 Houston
29-Dec Insight Big Ten vs Big 12 1200 Phoenix
29-Dec Music City ACC vs SEC 1500 Nashville
29-Dec Champs Sports ACC vs Big Ten 2250 Orlando
29-Dec Sun Big 12
Big East
vs Pac 10 1900 El Paso
30-Dec Meineke ACC vs Big East2 750 Charlotte
30-Dec Liberty CUSA vs SEC 1700 Memphis
30-Dec Alamo Big Ten vs Big 12 2250 San Antonio
30-Dec Chick-Fil-A ACC vs SEC 3250Atlanta
31-Dec MPC WAC vs ACC 750 Boise
1-Jan Gator ACC vs Big East
Big 12
2500 Jacksonville
1-Jan Outback Big Ten vs SEC 3000 Tampa
1-Jan Cotton Big 12 vs SEC 3000 Dallas
1-Jan Capital One Big Ten vs SEC 4250 Orlando
2-Jan Orange ACC vs at-large BCS3 Miami
3-Jan Sugar SEC vs at-large BCS3 New Orleans
1-Jan Fiesta Big 12 vs at-large BCS3 Glendale
1-Jan Rose Big Ten vs Pac 10 BCS3 Pasadena
6-Jan International Big East vs MAC 750 Toronto
7-Jan GMAC CUSA vs MAC 750 Mobile
8-Jan Title Game BCS #1 vs BCS #2 BCS3 Glendale

1-Army has been selected by the Poinsettia Bowl, provided they are bowl-eligible.
2-The Meineke Car Care Bowl has the option to choose Navy instead of a Big East team.
3-BCS Bowl payouts are $14-17 million.
  • The BCS payout for a second team from the same conference is $4.5 million;
    That is also the payout for Notre Dame
  • If Notre Dame does not participate in a BCS bowl, it receives $1 million anyway.
  • In non-BCS bowls, Notre Dame can replace a Big East participant
    -The Chik-Fil-A payout for the SEC team is $2.4 million.